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Description of the pilot sites:

The activity of Demo 2 is complemented by the inclusion of ENE as a one-stop shop. Thus, ENE role in Demo 2 will focus on providing information for renovations but not achieving a renovation.

Below, the main aspects of ENE are described:

ENE is an organization that manages the efficient use of energy and whose activity is oriented towards improving the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and sustainable development, promoting energy efficiency, the use and knowledge of renewable energies and optimization of the quality of services related to this sector.

Its main objective is to contribute to making the council of Langreo in particular, and Asturias in general, a benchmark area at the national level in the energy sector, promoting a new energy culture among citizens, industry and public bodies.

As an energy agency, its role is key to achieving local and global energy, economic and environmental objectives, as well as monitoring initiatives, projects and subsidies from the European Commission.

ENE's lines of action are:

·       TECHNICAL POINT: Information and advice to companies.

·       INSTITUTIONAL LINE: Technical support at the municipal level.

·       DISCLOSE ENERGY: Attention and training to citizens and educational centres.



Langreo Municipality:

Langreo is part of the Metropolitan Area of central Asturias (one of the largest in Spain), together with the urban and peri-urban space of Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés, Siero and Mieres, an interconnected territory of more than 850.000 inhabitants.


 View of Langreo (Asturias)

The municipality of Langreo, with nearly 40,000 inhabitants and an area of 82,46 km2, includes the urban districts of Ciañu, Sama, La Felguera, Lada, Barros, Riañu and Tuilla, which are articulated in a linear city model which follows the course of the Nalón river and its tributaries, urban areas surrounded by a valuable rural and natural environment of mid-mountain valleys.


 Langreo map