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FASA Residential Area

Location: South-East of Valladolid, Spain


Characteristics of building

VEO will have of Demo 2 a residential district of 20 blocks of buildings. This district is called FASA. It is located in the South-East of Valladolid (Spain), so it is in an urban area. It was constructed During the 50’s and 60’s decades and its main materials are brick, cement and metal. It is terrace-detached.

The main physical characteristics are the following:

·       District area: 29,000 m2

·       Constructed area: 36,5000 m2

·       Conditioned area (dwellings): 24,7000 m2

This district consists of 20 blocks, a tower, a building for the central boilers, a park, some sports facilities and 2 car parks. Some of the buildings have their main façades oriented to east and west direction and the rest to north-east and south-west.




FASA District overview




Demo 2 details



Characteristics of renovation


In this Demo, apart from the tower, there are 18 blocks that were renovated in 2018 and 1 block that was not renovated (with the main physical characteristics of the rest).


This district has been renovated in 2018 within the REMOURBAN project incorporating the following elements:

·       New biomass boilers and new DH network.

·       New 20 substations.

·       New DEMS, BEMS and HEMS.

·       Roof and façade buildings retrofitting (except one)

·       LED lighting in the common areas

The main reason for the renovation was to increase energy efficiency in the district by reducing heat losses and contributing to the decarbonisation and sustainability plan.

The buildings are located in a Mediterranean climate, which is temperate with dry, hot summer [Winter (min, max) 0oC – 8oC, summer (min, max) 15ºC – 32ºC].

In relation to the energy source, it is based on biomass and gas backup and the energy use is heat supply from oil and gas-fired boilers.

There are regional incentives active in the pilot region to improve the quality of life of the city and with the aim of accelerating its transformation.

Target Groups: The buildings of VEO are residential buildings, they are considered an owners’s community (condominium). They have 1,181 inhabitants with a population density 340 inhab/ha. The distribution of the inhabitants according to age is the following:

·       People > 65 years – 22, 50%

·       People >=18 years and <=65 years – 66,5

·       People < 18 years – 11%

The inhabitants are the main stakeholders in this Demo but in the buildings there are also business premises.