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Public school in Riga, Latvia

Location: Riga, Latvia


Characteristics of building

The building for Demo 7 is a school located in the following address:  Stamerienas Street 8, Riga, Latvia

The building is located in the Vidzeme suburb of Riga City, a medium-populated district and was constructed on 1972. The use of the building is an educational institution, Riga 9th Secondary School (School, class groups from 1st to 12th grade).

The main characteristics of the building are the following:

·       Area - 5258 m2

·       Foundations of the building - reinforced concrete blocks, ribbon-shaped

·       Walls of the building - bricks

·       Cladding - reinforced concrete

·       Roof - ruberoid

·       Source of thermal energy - centralized supply of thermal energy from AS "Rigas Siltums"

·       Facade and roof thermal insulation was done in 2022. Stone wool (150 mm thick) and decorative plaster were applied to the walls. Thermal insulation (200 mm wide) and roll material were used for the roof. The foundation of the building was insulated, doors replaced, window boxes and doors processed, etc.


Casa en frente de un edificio Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media

Riga 9th Secondary School

Characteristics of renovation need

Thermal insulation in 2022 did not include the reconstruction of engineering networks.

The old heating system, built in 1972, is currently being operated in the building. No forced ventilation was planned during the construction of the building. A natural ventilation system was built, which is now primarily inoperative.

Today's requirements set out much broader options and conditions for exploiting buildings.

Regarding heating, energy prices require the broadest possible implementation of saving solutions, providing optimum heat in the building (not overheating), according to the building's load schedule (nights, weekends), and segmenting the building's rooms (rooms that require a higher/lower temperature).

Regarding ventilation, limiting the spread of various viruses is currently relevant. According to proven evidence, the prevalence of viruses is significantly reduced by maintaining high-quality ventilated facilities. Labor productivity in well-ventilated spaces is also considerably higher.

As mentioned above, the reconstruction works of the engineering networks were not included in the thermal insulation works. Consequently, engineering networks currently being operated in the building need updated technology, which does not allow high-quality and contemporary regulation of the building's microclimate.

Target Groups:

The owner of the building is Riga City Council. The building is an educational institution – Riga 9th Secondary School.

Secondary School is attended by 315 pupils. The educational process is provided by 38 teachers and 23 members of the technical staff.

All occupants of the building need to ensure comfortable working and educational conditions, including terms of air temperature and indoor air quality. To ensure these conditions, representatives of the owner of the building and users of the building follow these conditions daily. In addition, the parents of pupils carry out supervision – using publicly available data, parents can see the air temperature and air quality metrics in institutions remotely. When assessing these parameters in different institutions, parents also emphasize the need to take measures to improve air temperature and quality in this facility.

The facility staff is interested in ensuring and maintaining air parameters in the building at an appropriate, economic level. The management at a facility is competent in adjusting the system settings to ensure the optimum operation of the equipment and systems.

There have been several discussions with the owner of the building (Stamerienas Street 8) about the need to perform improvement works in the building, and a conceptual agreement has been reached.