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Building in Gijón, Spain

Location: Gijón, Spain

Description: Currently, GAR proposes the following building to be part of the FORTESIE project, but it has to be noted that depending on different factors it may change for another with similar characteristics, as GAR is doing several renovations a year.

Characteristics of building

The proposed building (in an urban environment) is located Gijón, in Campo Sagrado Street, 59. It is in the process of being rehabilitated, with 4 floors and 8 homes. It was built in 1962.


Location of the building in Gijón




 External aspect of the building


Characteristics of renovation need

The building needs a façade renovation due to:

·     Large energy losses due to poor insulation of the building and the existence of thermal bridges, most of them on open terraces. These cause heat leaks and pathologies such as condensation and others. The apartments also have obsolete windows with considerable energy losses.

·     A reduction in energy demand is required, so GAR proposes the renovation of the building by incorporating insulation in all facades of the thermal envelope. Moreover, the replacement of windows and the closing of the open terraces also with high-performance windows.

·     Overall ESIE monitoring is proposed and to enable among other things, a most efficient use and, consequently, a decrease in energy use and CO2 emissions.

Below there is a schema of the different types of façades proposed by GAR to accomplish the renovation process.


 Schema of the types of façades

·     Front façade: EFIVENTO SYSTEM: ventilated facade with PIR (polyisocyanurate insulation 60mm R:2,72 m2/wk)

·     Back and REAR façade: EFIMETA SYSTEM: pre-industrialized facade with PIR insulation (polyisocyanurate insulation 50mm+20mm chamber R:2,40 m2/wk)

·     Inner and side façade: ETICs: (EPS Neopor 80 mm R:2,5 m2/wk)

(To obtain the final transmittance of the action, the resistance of the current walls would also have to be added)

Target Groups: The target groups are the owners of the homes (there are 8 homes).