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The Góra Kalwaria municipality is located in the center of Poland, in the masovian region, 19 kilometers south of Warsaw. It consists of the city of Góra Kalwaria and 38 villages. The area ofour commune is 145 km2. 27,000 people live here.

The Góra Kalwaria municipality is a convenient place for living and investing. Its undoubted advantage is its location near the capital of Poland (the distance from the Warsaw Okęcie airport is 30 km). Its also situated on the longest of Polish rivers, the Vistula.

Góra Kalwaria has had a swimming pool with a sports and recreation section for 23 years. It requires modernization, how is also a response to the challenges of the present - the swimming pool must reduce the consumption of increasingly expensive electricity and heat. The Góra Kalwaria municipality is also investing heavily in energy-saving street lighting and heating of public buildings.