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Just a Change is a non-profit association dedicated to rebuilding homes for those living in Housing Poverty. Renovating homes, Rebuilding Lives!

Since 2010, Just a Change has already renovated more than 350 houses, impacting more than 730 people, mobilizing more than 7000 volunteers to rebuild these houses and more than 100 other social organizations.

Lacking proper living conditions is one of the most devastating types of poverty as it affects all aspects of life: emotional, educational, and professional development, increasing health risks and causing social seclusion. The targeted houses are usually poorly structured, lacking all basic conditions. Just a Change's renovation work provides better quality of life, safety, and better health. By working with volunteers and involving the families that live in these houses on the renovation work, Just a Change intends to extend the project's impact bringing beneficiary and volunteers hope and self-realization. 

This project also impacts society: upgrading living conditions of the population is a way to reduce poverty and criminality and to improve Public Health and Energy Efficiency, but also by multiplying hope and happiness.